Voldemort: Origins of the Heir

First things first, this will be an unofficial fan-made prequel to the Potter series. Initially rejected by Warner Bros due to copyright infringement, an agreement has been reached to where they’re allowed to release the film as a non-profit project instead. It has been able to come to the forefront due to a method known as crowdfunding, this is when members of the public can donate their money in order to see a project they like come to light.

The plot of the film explores Tom Riddles life on his rise to becoming one of the most powerful wizards to have ever lived, along with his subsequent fall. The film details Riddles journey learning through the Dark Arts and his return to Hogwarts in his later years (not portrayed in the Harry Potter films).

The film set post-Hogwarts will be able to show the fans Tom Riddles troubling backstory along with the emergence of a witch named Grisha McLaggen, who is known to be the heir of Gryffindor and one of Riddles Hogwarts classmate, she is teased to be one to try and defeat him. Eagle-eyed fans would be quick to see how Grisha McLaggen is similar to that of Cormac Mclaggen, who was infatuated with Hermione Granger in her seventh year after meeting at the Slug Club.


Why Dobby was such an important character

Dobby was a house-elf for the Malfoy family at Malfoy Manor. Dobby was resented by the Malfoys and the feeling was mutual as they tortured. However after the events of the  Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter had set Dobby free by placing his sock in a book that Lucius Malfoy then gave to Dobby.

After having been set free he was unemployed and got bored quickly. He later found employment at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His contract was very loose and Dobby requested that he be paid for his work, something no other house-elf dared to do.

Other notable things Dobby has contributed towards was the discovery of the Room and Requirement. In the films it is Neville Longbottom who discovers it however in the books it is Dobby who tells Dumbledor’s Army about the room.

More popular things Dobby has helped in was when Harry, Ron and Hermione were trapped in Malfoy Manor after being captured by Snatchers.They were trapped in their dungeons when Dobby was able to Apperate in and out of the room aiding in Luna and the goblin in escaping also. However more tragic events later occurred as when he tried to help Harry Potter in escaping a fatal blow by Bellatrix’s knife impaled itself in Dobby. His last words were “Harry… Potter.”

What does the Pensieve do?

The origins of the Pensieve are little known, however the nature of which they are used it familiar with most wizards. A Pensieve is a device used to view memories, which may not be your own, I evaluate on them better than just remembering them inside your head.

Because of how dangerous they can be if used incorrectly or by a person you do not wish to view your memories, most Pensieves are evidently buried with their owners once they die to withhold giving away any personal information not wanted to be seen by people who may abuse it. However some witches and wizards will pass on their Pensieves as either a family heirloom or for other traditions, for example the Hogwarts Pensieve that is used by the Head Teacher of Hogwarts.

We first get a glimpse of it in Goblet of Fire when Harry is sitting in a courtroom watching a Death Eater Trail. It is then used more frequently in Half-Blood Prince when harry had to repeatedly watch memories that linked with how Voldemort had came to be.

The Pensieve was also used to help develop the plot further, for example we see how Snape had had strong feelings towards Harry’s mother, Lily.

One of the most climatic ways in which it is used was when Severus Snape was on his deathbed and gives Harry his final memories of which is stored his life and how it felt towards Lily and Harry. Harry finds out that Snape was a good person the entire time and that the only reason he hadn’t been able to be affectionate is that he was the son of the man Snape had hated, James Potter.

However there is only inconsistency between how the user is experiencing the Pensieve in the story. In Goblet of Fire, Harry is actually sitting in the courtroom itself and his viewing it from a person who actually would be there. However it Half-Blood Prince (film adaption) Harry is just watching the memory unfold and isn’t actually in Slughorns office.

Professor Trelawney Predictions

Throughout the Potter story it has been implied that Professor Trelawney doesn’t have The Sight or divination abilities. This can be seen in when she predicts a student death each year, resulting in it always failing. HOWEVER, many of her predictions, some unknown to others, have come true thus implying she does indeed have The Sight.

When Harry and his class first start their Divination classes, Trelawney makes a prediction in which she tells Neville Longbottom to take a blue cup after the first one he picks smashes, he evidently smashed the cup and had to pick up the second cup. This could have been due to Trelawney actually making a prediction, or due to Neville having heard her and then being self-aware of his actions accidently breaking the cup.

Other notable predictions include prediction the flu in February. She was very vague about Lavender Brown dreading something happening on the 16th October, this evidently turned out to be the death of her rabbit.

Another more specific prediction was when she predicted that one of her class would leave, it evidently became Hermione Granger.

“Since when thirteen dine together, the first to rise will be the first to die.”

This was during the Christmas lunch in which Trelawney arrived to. Albus Dumbledore was the first among those at the table to die as he had rose up to great her.

A more subtle example of her predictions was when she gzaed upon some Tarot cards and spoke “he lightning-struck tower… Calamity. Disaster. Coming nearer all the time…” This quote seems to outline the prediction of Dumbledore’s death on the Astronomy Tower by Snape.

What is an Animagus

Becoming an Animagus is very risky and had the potential to backfire and cause serious harm to the witch or wizard trying to change.

The way to become an Animagus involves holding the leaf of a mandrake in their mouth for an entire month. This begs the question of how Sirius Black, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew became Animagi. They would have had to keep the leaf in their mouths during term time at Hogwarts.

When someone changes into their animal, it can only ever be one specific animal. The animal they transform into isn’t chosen by the wizard, but determined by their personality and inner traits. Hence why Peter became a rat.

This links in with the Patronus Charm, it had the same inner-traits as the Animagus form. This also suggests that Harry Potter, if he chose to learn Animagi, would become a Stag.

However Animagi must be registered with the Ministry of Magic or face time in Azkaban. An example is that Rita Skeeter was able to get into Hogwarts without being noticed even though she had been banned, by transforming into a beetle.

How was the Elder Wand created?

The Elder Wand is part of what wizards call the Deathly Hallows. This consists of The Elder Wand, The Resurrection Stone and The Clock of Invisibility. They were each first owned by a set of three brothers.

“The oldest brother, who was a combative man, asked for a wand more powerful than any in existence” – this comes from the book within the Potter universe called Tale Of The Three Brothers.

The brothers have a distant connection to Harry Potter (as well as he individually owning them all throughout the story). For example the smallest of the three brothers was born in Godric’s Hollow, the same birthplace of Harry Potter.

The Elder Wands powers are remarkable, it can do magic that no other wand is capable of doing. For example we read in the books that it repaired Harry Potters broken wand, something no other wand or other means of magic could do.

Little is actually known about the Elder Wand and how it came to be. The story states that Death created it as a prize for defying him, however more intellectual wizards such as Albud Dumbledore believe otherwise. Many think that the Hallows (especially the Elder Wand) were created by the brothers themselves. For this to have occurred the brothers would have needed to be very skilled in the Magical Arts for them to have created the most powerful wand in existence, a stone that can bring back loved ones from the dead and a cloak to keep you hidden even in the gravest of times.

What is the Veil?

The Veil is located in the Death Chamber of the Department of Mysteries within the Ministry of Magic. It is described that the Veil is a crossover between the world of the living and the land of the dead. Within the books and the movies it is described as a tattered black curtain that is sway gently as the souls within move.

In both the books and the movies Harry and Luna hear voices emitting from the Veil. The words from the Veil are inaudible and are heard as soft whispers of loved ones who have died. Siriusveil

If someone was the pass through it, it would cause instant death for the person walking through it. There is no turning back, once the person has walked through it there is no chance of recovery and no way of reviving the person who has died.

It’s been there as long as the Ministry itself.” – J. K. Rowling. This quote shows that the Veil is ancient and its original origin is unknown. This is once reason to why it is kept deep within the Ministry of Magic.

The Vanishing Cabinet and it’s importance

The Vanishing Cabinet was the main route used by the Death Eaters in Half Blood Prince to enter Hogwarts and eventually to the death of Albus Dumbledore. The way in which Draco found out about the cabinet was that in 1996 Fred and George had pushed Montague into the cabinet on the first floor and then Montague ended up reappearing in a bathroom.

He then told the cabinets powers to Draco Malfoy, Draco then realised that this could be the passage way used to get the Death Eaters into Hogwarts (seeing that Apparition is not allowed)

Draco knew of the Vanishing Cabinet at Borgin and Burkes and knew that there was now one in the Room of Requirement. He went and repaired the broken cabinet at Hogwarts and tested it using as we read and saw, an apple and a bird.

J.K Rowling had planned for the cabinets importance from what we saw in Chamber of Secrets. Harry Potter had to use Floo Power as his method of transport into Diagon Alley. However he ended up in Borgin and Burkes where he then hid from Draco Malfoy when he and Mr. Malfoy entered the shop. The cabinets importance wasn’t forced upon the reader however it shows that Rowling had planned for this from the beginning.

Why Draco Malfoy saved Harry Potter in Malfoy Manor

Draco Malfoy is known throughout the Harry Potter universe for being a tormenting daddys’ boy who’s purpose was to annoy Harry during his time in Hogwarts. However in the later years Draco is seen to be more cautious about his actions and what part he plays with the Death Eaters.

Why didn’t you tell her? Bellatrix. You knew it was me. You didn’t say anything.

This statement by Harry shows that he knew that Draco was holding back on telling Belletrix that he was Harry Potter when he was trapped in Malfoy Manor. Draco purposely withheld the information from her. He reluctantly participated in Death Eater activities as his father was a Death Eater and was born into that situation. Draco hesitated on telling the Death Eaters that it was Harry Potter in Malfoy Manor along with Hermione and Ron.

Draco: “STOP! The Dark Lord wants him alive —Vincent Crabbe: “So? I’m not killing him, am I? But if I can, I will, the Dark Lord wants him dead anyway, what’s the diff — ?Draco: “Don’t kill him! DON’T KILL HIM!

The above state outlines that even though Draco hated Harry Potter, he was still compassionate about not killing him. He was clever with his excuse not to kill Harry as it was Voldemort who was supposed to. Draco knew that what he was doing was wrong and tried to limit his bad actions by stopping Crabbe from killing him.

(Source: harrypotter.wikia.com)

Why are Huffflepuff Underrated?

Hufflepuff are the house in Hogwarts that not many people are keen to belong to. This may be because J.K Rowling didn’t focus on that house more than the others. For example when it came to the house points each year, there were occasions that Hufflepuff were not even acknowledged for their points whilst the others were. However there are reasons to why Hufflepuff are a great house and arguably the same level as Gryffindore and Slytherin.

“You might belong in Hufflepuff where they are just and loyal. Those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil.”

This quote outlines the essence of what Hufflepuff are. They are loyal and patient showing that they believe in everything they do and have a true belief in their actions.

Another reason for why Hufflepuff are a great house is that their creator (Not Helga Hufflepuff) JK Rowling said herself that her favourite Hogwarts house was in fact Hufflepuff. She stated that one reason for this was to do with the Battle of Hogwarts. When the battle was underway, many of the houses had the choice to stay and fight, or to run and hide. Slytherin didn’t help, many of the Ravenclaws chose to leave and only some stayed. Many of the Gryiffindors that did stay and help did it under different beliefs. Many were showing off and proving themselves better than others, while this is a contrast to the Hufflepuffs. The entirety of the Hufflepuffs decided to stay under the belief to end the battle and help save people. These beliefs were the post pure and shows that the Hufflepuffs are drastically underrated.

One final reason to why the Hufflepuffs are underrated is that many are unknown. This however is going to change drastically. In the new upcoming Fanstic Beasts and Where to Find Them the main character, Newt Scamander, is a Hufflepuff. This is going to help raise the profile of the house and hopefully show how good the house is.

(Source: harrypotter.wikia.com)

Why People Hate Gilderoy Lockhart

Initially whilst reading & watching the Harry Potter series, we begin to like Lockhart in an annoying sort of way. We are clearly aware of his smugness and ego however yet we start to like him in an embarrassing way, and how could we not when he he was Five-Time winner of Witch Weekly’s Most Charming Smile Award. That later changes when it is revealed that Lockhart had been stealing all the glory from other more prominent wizards.

Lockhart craved attention and so we can see through the story, however this also occurred whilst he was at Hogwarts as he tried to pass a school newspaper forward just so that his name would be in print. Unknown to many, Dumbledore actually wanted Lockhart teaching as Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher because he knew Lockhart was a fraud and that Hogwarts would expose it.

We begin to see his poor magical ability from that he is known with one such example, Cornish Pixies. When Lockhart tried to show how the pixies were dangerous and menising, he was not able to stop them causing havoc and evidently left it to his students to pick up the mess. Also throughout the story Harry Potter is annoyed with his behaviour, whether it be meeting him in Flourish and Blotts or helping him to sign autographs for detention. This didn’t help when Lockhart had accidentally removed all the bones in Harry’s arm when he tried to mend it, thus showing once more his poor magical abilities.

All the hate was finally justified when it became apparent that he was going to flee the school when given the task to retrieve Ginny Weasley from the Chamber of Secrets. Harry & Ron entered the office to find his trunks packed. Even more shockingly it was then that we found that Lockhart had wiped the memories of other wizard to take credit for it himself.  Once exception to his poor abilities were his Memory Charms, which evidently backfired whilst using Ron’s wand.

(Source: harrypotter.wikia.com)

What did Harry, Hermione & Ron do after Hogwarts?

Harry Potter

After Harry had defeated Lord Volemort and won the Battle of Hogwarts, he went on to pursue his ambition to become an Auror. He evidently became the youngest head of the Auror Office at the age of 26. Even though he hadn’t completed his Hogwarts training, he was still accepted as he had participated in the Battle of Hogwarts. In later years Harry Potter became a feature on the Chocolate Frog Cards for his achievements. Harry later had 3 children with Ginny Weasley, Albus Severus, James Sirius and one daughter Lily Luna. Harry still kept in touch with Dudley Dursley from time to time, he sent Christmas Cards every year and sometimes visited them.

Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger had returned to Hogwarts after the Battle of Hogwarts. She obtained her N.E.W.Ts, she was the only one of the trio to go back to Hogwarts. After achieving a high ranking position in the Ministry of Magic, Deputy Head, she had continued her work with the S.P.E.W organisation she had created whilst still in Hogwarts.

Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley continued in the same career path as Harry Potter. They both became Aurors until he decided to change career path. Ron went on to help George Weasley with his business Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. Because of Ron being a wizard, he didn’t obtain his Muggle driving lience until 2017, however it was said that he used charms in order to pass.


The Hogwarts Express

As we are all aware, the main way that students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry arrive to the school is by the train that takes them on Platform 9¾ (except if you were to take a flying invisible car that is)

The train makes many journeys to the school, this would include taking the students on September 1st, along with Christmas and Easter holidays plus taking the students back to the station at the end of the school year. Initially the way students would get to Hogwarts was either by using Portkeys or other more noticable means of transport until the train was used instead.

Another interesting fact about the Hogwarts Express is that it could be classed as an extension to the school. This would be because in the very first Potter film, Hermione Granger performs the  Oculus Reparo spell, this in any other circumstance would violate under-age wizardry, however by being on the train it would allowed.

Along with all this, during the construction of the railway and the moving of the train, many Memory Charms had to be used on muggles as they would have known where the railway leading to Hogwarst was. Along with this for extra protection to make sure that nobody could find it, many Concealment Charms were used, some similar to when Hermione Granger used them to hide their location from snatchers.

The Owl Post

The Owl Post is the wizarding world version of the muggle Post Office. It was created many years ago so that wizards could keep in contact without resorting the muggle means of communication (to hide the Wizarding World)

One major benefit of having Owl Post is that the owls are very clever as they do not always need the recipients address to find them. This is beneficial as the sender may not always know where the person is, such as when Sirius Black was in hiding and Harry Potter sent Hedwig to send mail unaware of his location. Speaking of Sirius Black, owls are not always the preferred bird of choice. When in hiding, Black used a variety of bird species, many were tropical birds implying that he was hiding overseas.

The Owl Postal Service has its owls organised very specifically like muggle post. They are colour-coded for different services. Whether that be by distance or how fast the mail is sent for its urgency.

However the Owl Post isn’t always used. Students at Hogwarts do not need to use the owls provided by the Ministry of Magic, if they have their own owls they can use them instead. For example, Harry Potter used Hedwig (his owl) to send mail. The owls of Hogwarts are kept in the Owlery, this is to keep them contained and organised in one specific place rather than them flying around endlessly.

(Source: http://harrypotter.wikia.com/)

Why is Luna Lovegood so strange?

We all love and adore Luna Lovegood, whether it be because if her strange personality or the way she talks, either way we all love her. But why is she so admirably different?

One reason for her being so strange may be the fact that she witnessed her own mother’s death at a young age. We know this because of a conversation she had with Harry Potter about how they both could see Thestrals (creatures only visible after someone has seen death) This could be a reasonable explanation.

Lion_LovegoodWe also know that she is a very strange girl from the fact that most of her year call her “Loony Lovegood” – a nickname given to her because of her strangeness. Hermione actually calls her the nickname when she is first introduced to us, when Luna, Herimone, Harry, and Ron are all in the carriages going up to Hogwarts.

Her strangeness continues throughout the year, one incident of this is when part of the D.A Army tried to break into Umbridges office to talk to Sirius Black. She was gagged and tortured, but Luna hardly seemed to care, she was staring into nothingness, to an extent she seemed bored.

Along with this Luna Lovegood has an arsenal of weird belongings. Things such as a Lion Hat, Eagle Hat and Beetle Wing Earrings.

(Source: http://harrypotter.wikia.com/)

Casting a Patronus

There are many reasons to why Harry Potters patronus is a stag. The most obvious that comes to mind is that his father was in fact an Animagus and transformed into a Stag. An animal figure only emerges from the wand when a corporeal Patronus is cast (fully-formed)


Other noticeable wizards also could form fully corporeal Patronuses,  Severus Snape is a key example. Snape has a patronus of a Doe. this is because of his immense love of Lily Potter (Harry’s Mother)

Harry Potter was a very advanced wizard for his age, casting a Patronus is very advanced magic for anyone to perform. It is above N.E.W..T level qualifications and this is why the students in Dumbledores Army were very shocked when they learned that Harry could cast a full Patronus.

Casting a Patronus also doesn’t necessarily involve thinking of a ‘happy memory’. This is seen when Harry goes back in time to save Sirius Black, initially Harry failed to save Sirius near the lake.  However when he went back in time to save himself again, he was able to cast a full Patonus as he realised he had already saved himself.

(Source: http://harrypotter.wikia.com/)

How to Become an Auror

An Auror is an individual that is involved in the capture and investigation of the Dar Arts. They are basically the muggle version of the police force. There are very few as it involves intensive and long periods of wizard training. One of the most well-known Aurors is Alastor Moody. During the 1st Wizard War Alastor Moody locked up many Dark Arts Wizards.

Top grades are needed, it is recommended that at least 5 N.E.W.T.s are needed and it has to be at least ‘Exceeds Expectations’. Subjects that are favoured include Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Herbology and Charms.

You need to have a clean criminal record. To be considered for being an Auror you need to have had no criminal convictions. Umbridge stated that in 1996 an Auror needs a clean sheet.

If you participated in the Battle of Hogwarts a better chance of being accepted. After the Battle of Hogwarts, Minister of Magic (Kingsley) stated that if someone had participated in the war and not deviated from sides they had a better chance of being accepted if they didn’t achieve the academic grades. This is true for Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom and Ron Weasley.

Harry Potter later became the Head of the Auror Office.

Evolution of the Flying Broomstick

Flying Broomsticks in the wizarding world have been around many years. Most notably broomsticks are used in the sport Quidditch. However they are also used for normal means of transport, i.e. when Harry Potter left the Dursley’s household. There are 3 main manufacturers of flying broomsticks in the wizarding world, these include Universal Brooms Ltd, Flyte and Barker and Nimbus Racing Broom Company.

Universal Brooms had initially been a very successful company, they created the Shooting Star broom in 1955 and it was a success. It was the -NN7498-Harry-Potter-The-Broomstick-Bookmark-Collectioncheapest racing broom available at the time of its launch. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry used these brooms during Harry Potters time at the school. However with the introduction of other more better quality and higher speeds brooms made by other companies, Universal Brooms went out of business in 1978.

Flyte and Barker are another broomstick manufacturer who made the Twigger 90 broomstick. F & B created the Twigger 90 in order to compete with the Nimbus as leading the broomstick market. However this didn’t occur as the broom was known as ‘worth more Galleons than sense’. The broom was apperently more expensive than what is was worth, however it did have a self-stabilising gimmick but still not worth the money.

The Nimbus Racing Broom Company were another market leader in the industry of broomstick making. There range of Nimbus broomsticks meant that they soon became the chosen choice of broomstick to professional Quidditch teams. Harry Potter initially his first Nimbus broomstick during the Philosopher’s Stone. With each edition the brooms became faster and faster.

There is another broomstick that became the fastest in the world at its release in 1993. The Firebolt, created by Randolph Spudmore, was the fastest broom in the world topping at, at least 150 mph. It has placed on it an Unbreakable Braking Charm.

(Source: Pottermore)

Consequences of using a Time Turner

A Time Turner is a device used (shaped into a necklace) that has the Hour-Reversal Charm placed upon it. The way in which a Time Turner is used is that the user turns the hourglass, each rotation refers to the number of hours the traveler goes back in time.

It becomes familiar to the Potter story in the third book and film, this is when Hermione uses it to attend more classes than her timetable would allow her too.

1) Never drastically alter the past or future (it may change yours and/or any other persons current life)

2) The “Pandora’s Box” of possibilities. This is when by changing the past, you evidently can alter the timeline. If the Ministry of Magic were to go back in time and kill Voldemort, they would then be changing their and everyone else’s entire future. So by going back in time to kill Voldemort, they would be changing the future in which they didn’t go back in time. SO therefore a Paradox is created. How would they have been able to go back in time to kill Voldemort if the new timeline states that he were already dead?

3) Self damage. For example when Hermione kept going back in time, she was still aging. Over the course of the year, she may have aged a month more than everyone else. This would be because as she kept going back in time, she was biologically aging meaning that when she arrived in her normal timeline, she was older than she was previously. Because of this her birthday, 19 September, her birthday may in fact be 19 November biologically.

Wizards Guide to Using a Muggle Telephone – 5 Steps

Greetings wizards, today we are going to help you use one of the muggles most used devices, a mobile phone.

1) Buy a mobile phone (Make sure you have a good camera as taking ‘selfies’ is what muggles like doing)

2) Unlike in the wizarding world, you always need to charge your phone. Electricity is important in the muggle world.

3) Download some apps, these are things that muggles use to pass the time. Unlike in the wizarding world where we have magic, muggles get bored easily and need apps to pass time.

4) When in a muggle town, take normal pictures instead of moving ones. Muggles will find it strange if the picture you took started moving. Take the photos with your muggle phone and not a magical one.

5) Instead of sending messages by owl, always send messages throughout text or other messaging apps. If muggles see you attaching a piece of paper to an owl it could set off alarms, so by using messaging apps it saves time and you won’t look strange.

Why Harry Potter was the ‘Chosen One’

“For neither can live while the other survives… the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…” (OotP pg 841/741)

This extract from Order of the Phoenix outlines that the ‘Chosen One’ will be born in July. Throughout the story so far we had always assumed it was Harry, however Dumbledore said that “The other was Neville Longbottom.” (OotP pg 842/742) This clearly shows that Neville could have also been the ‘Chosen One’.

The reason to why Harry Potter became the ‘Chosen One’ is that Voldemort had chosen him instead of Neville that night many years ago. If he had chosen Neville, then it may be the case that Neville Longbottom would have been the ‘Chosen One’.  Neville had possessed extraordinary abilities (though hard to imagine). Initially we would not have imagined Neville joining Dumbledore’s Army, however he does and he even eventually becomes confident with magic.  Along with this he had the same characteristics Harry did by showing extraordinary bravery when he helped join Harry to save Sirius Black at the Ministry of Magic. Also at the Ministry, Neville had a prophecy orb, however he later smashed it not knowing the content within.

They both had parents in the Order, they both eventually had the same bravery and magical ability, however it was evidently Voldemorts choosing that led to Harry becoming the ‘Chosen One’.

A Brief History of Werewolf Attacks

As widely known, being bitten by a werewolf means that as  a result you will eventually become one yourself. In the Potter series there are many victims to those who were bitten, these include Remus Lupin, William Weasley and Lavender Brown.

Lupin was attacked by Fenrir Greyback as a child as a result of his father insulting him. He had stated that he hated werewolf’s and Greyback saw this as a chance to insult his family, so he bit Remus Lupin. Even though werewolf’s are notorious for violence, they can before hand choose to separate themselves from humans as to not injury them. Lupin went into the Shrieking Shack each month to keep himself away from humans, as a result he scratched himself each month. As a result it was named the most haunted building in Britain.

William Weasley, the first born child of Mr and Mrs Weasley, was injured during the Battle of the Astronomy Tower. He was also attacked by Fenrir Greyback as Lupin had been. However he wasn’t bit, so he didn’t fully turn. Instead he received scratches across his face which led to wolf-like tendencies. Such as the craving for rare steak.

Alan Rickman: The Man Behind Snape

Alan Rickman is a beloved actor and director who has over the past few decades brought happiness and pure emotion to the audience he attracts.  He recently died at the age of 69 having succumbed to cancer.

He is mainly known in today’s society from playing Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series, however he had also been in other productions such as Die Hard and Robin Hood.

Having played Severus Snape throughout the Potter series he had gained worldwide attention for his excellent portrayal of the character. Initially his character was seen as being a vial lowlife who had only pure hatred for Harry Potter, however after Snapes death it is revealed that Snape was a heartfelt individual who did his up-most to protect Harry Potter.

Alan Rickman had many quotes, many being comedic. “You clearly aren’t up to speed with Harry Potter, because I’m a hero. That’s all that matters.” Quotes such as these made him loved by the world and his fellow peers. Many who acted along side him have  publicly shown their remorse for Alan. People such as Emma Watson and Matthew Lewis have paid their respects to the loved actor.

The History of Hogwarts

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is located in northern Britain, Scotland. It is one of the most infamous and well-known wizarding schools in the world, other notable wizarding schools include Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and the Durmstrang Institute. These schools have been mentioned in both books and movies, as well as  being featured as contestants in the Goblet of Fire.

Within Hogwarts, electricity and electronic devices are not found at do not work and are not in use. It is said that due to the large amount of magic that is in the castle, any Muggle technology goes “haywire”.

Hogwarts was founded in 990 A.D, by the four founding members of Hogwarts; Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin.


What is the Marauder’s Map?

Most commonly known is the creators of the map itself, this consist of the nicknames, Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. Which all later are revealed to be Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black and James Potter (Harry Potters father)

One remarkable thing about the map is that it cannot be fooled, it has accuracy in identifying each person around the Hogwarts grounds. This includes naming Animagi, discovering who is actually behind the Polyjuice Potion, it can even detect people under invisablity cloaks along with being able to see where the dead are (Hogwarts ghosts are also plotted on the map)

However the map cannot show rooms that are unplottable, for example the Room of Requirement. That room was showcased by Dobby.